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1 Pair of Tactical Gloves



    • Knuckle protectors
    • Waterproof
    • Breathable
    • Touchscreen compatible
    • Cut & Wear Resistant

Do you go through gloves like there’s no tomorrow? With knuckle protection and cut resistance, they’ll be the last gloves you ever need!

tactical gloves | knuckle protection | cut-resistant gloves -

Protect Your Hands From Anything!

These extremely versatile tactical gloves can protect your hands in almost any situation. They’re flexible yet hardy. Do you work with your hands outside? Are you often working on heavy-duty projects? Do you have to work in cold environments? These gloves are indispensable in any hostile environment.

Firefighters, police, and the military use gloves of this grade. Heavy-duty gloves are needed for military games such as Airsoft or paintball. The gloves will protect your hands from the considerable forces they’re under during these exercises. You could also use them at the gym! The gloves can give you the protection you need so you can feel confident when you’re training, working, or riding a bike.

1 Pair of Tactical Gloves - Protect Your Hands From Anything! -

Knuckle Protection

Perfect for cycling or riding a motorbike, these gloves are tough and strong. In case of accidents, they’ll protect your hands from impacts. The ergonomic knuckle cushions will protect your knuckles. You’ll be able to work with your hands in tight spaces without worrying about skinned knuckles. The knuckle pad is tough but still a little soft. So it has great shock absorption properties.

Despite their toughness, they’re flexible enough to operate any controls or tools easily. You won’t have to sacrifice touch and dexterity when you’re wearing the gloves. They can handle anything you throw at them, whether you’re hunting, shooting, doing archery, or tactical training. The gloves also feature a reinforced anti-slip palm. The double-layer synthetic fabric will give you an excellent grip. The gloves are lightweight and don’t affect your natural movements.

1 Pair of Tactical Gloves - Knuckle Protection -

Cut and wear-resistant

In tough environments, your hands are the body part most likely to suffer injuries. Why? You use your hands to handle different types of harmful or toxic materials. Cuts, scratches, bruises, or even burns can be constant dangers in some jobs.

These tactical gloves are cut-resistant. You could even handle shards of glass without danger to your hands. They’re also wear-resistant. They’re durable and built to last. Normal gloves quickly get holes in the fingers or other spots. These tactical gloves repel mud and rust, substances that can quickly damage normal gloves.

1 Pair of Tactical Gloves - Cut and wear-resistant -

Touchscreen compatible

One of the best features of these tactical gloves is the conductive material on the fingertips. What if you’re playing and get a phone call? Or if you’re working and get a message? Do you want to change the song? You can use your phone or tablet without the hassle of having to take off your gloves.

The gloves are compatible with Apple, Android, and other touchscreen devices. The thumb, index finger, and middle finger are all equipped with conductive fabric tips.

1 Pair of Tactical Gloves - Touchscreen compatible -

Water-resistant and windproof

Do you frequently need to be out in all weathers? These tactical gloves are rain and water-resistant. They’re also breathable since they have ventilation holes on the back of the hands to reduce sweating. You’ll find them comfortable in both heat and cold. So it’s no problem working outdoors in any climate.

The gloves are windproof and have an adjustable velcro wrist strap. The thick strap helps to protect your wrist and will give it added support.

1 Pair of Tactical Gloves - Water-resistant and windproof -

Technical characteristics :

  • Color: black or khaki
  • Sizes: M, L, XL
  • Material: Polyester, microfibre, tough fibre
  • Glove type: full finger
1 Pair of Tactical Gloves - Dimensions -

Included :

1 x Pair of tactical gloves

1 Pair of Tactical Gloves - Package -


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