High Pressure Washer Wand With Nozzles



Key Features

  • Durable nozzles
  • Leakproof threaded hose connector
  • Ergonomic grip/handle
  • High-quality rust proof steel
  • High pressure

Use this high pressure washer wand with nozzles to turn your standard garden hose into a power washer to effectively remove dirt from surfaces.


High Pressure Washer Wand With Nozzles - High pressure nozzle - Ozayti

2 Different Copper Nozzles

Choosing the right nozzle head for the job you want to do has a significant impact on the washer’s rinsing performance. With 2 different nozzles – jet and fan – you can pick and use the one that’s appropriate for removing loose or stubborn dirt from different types of surfaces easily. Attach the fan nozzle to the pressure washer wand for general cleaning purposes, such as spraying dirt off car tyres and roofs and glass surfaces like windows. Alternatively, use the jet nozzle to tackle stubborn dirt stuck deep in pavers, wheels, rims, and other areas. This nozzle is designed to release strong jet streams, making it suitable for removing tough residues in your driveway, dog kennel, patio, pool deck, and so on.

High Pressure Washer Wand With Nozzles - 2 Copper nozzles - Ozayti

Leak-Proof Ball Valve and Joint Rings

Leaks are one of the major causes of low water pressure. If the pressure is weak, it’s difficult to wash away dirt in seconds. With this in mind, this pressure washer lance now comes with a leak-proof and rustproof ball valve and joint rings. The valve allows you to control water flow whilst the black rubber joint rings provide a watertight seal between the wand, nozzles and the garden hose, allowing you to make the most of this equipment without wasting so much water.

High Pressure Washer Wand With Nozzles - Leak proof ball - Ozayti

Contoured Soft Grip 

This power washer wand has an ergonomic handle for excellent grip and minimise laceration on your palm. The TPR material and contoured form offers sufficient friction between the handle and the hand so when a considerable force is applied, it won’t slip out of your grip. It also reduces the effort necessary to use this cleaning equipment effectively, and ease of use allows you to accurately angle the nozzle towards your target, including hard-to-reach areas. 

High Pressure Washer Wand With Nozzles - Soft resistant grip - Ozayti

Multi-Purpose wand

Built for multi-purpose cleaning, this pressure washer hose attachment is not only suitable for watering plants, but also for cleaning motorbikes, automobiles, garden furniture, windows, walkways, pool decks, boats, terraces, gardening tools and equipment, and shutters. It can also wash away moss from paved surfaces, thanks to its jet nozzle. Simply stand at a safe distance from the mossy paved steps, hold the lance vertically towards the target surface, and then blast water from one edge to the other. 

High Pressure Washer Wand With Nozzles - Multi purpose use - Ozayti

Fits Standard Garden Hoses

The durable threaded hose connector in this pressure washer wand fits almost all standard garden hoses. It can also be easily attached to standard soft pipes for water. But if your existing hoses don’t fit, consider using an appropriate hose adapter. 

High Pressure Washer Wand With Nozzles - Fits standard garden hoses - Ozayti


  • Size (L): 46cm
  • Head hole: 3mm
  • Hose connector (W): 26mm
  • Spraying distance: 15m
  • Material (body): Aluminium Alloy, Copper. steel, TPR and rubber
  • Colours: Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, Black
High Pressure Washer Wand With Nozzles - Dimensions - Ozayti


    • 1x Pressure Washer Wand
    • 1x Hose connector
    • 2x Nozzles 

    Note: Extension tube is sold separately.

    High Pressure Washer Wand With Nozzles - Included in the package - Ozayti

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