Multi-Chambered Wooden Insect hotel


Key Features

  • Multiple chambers
  • Quick installation
  • Internal fillers
  • Solid wood construction
  • For bees and insects

Attract and provide beneficial insects with a multi-chambered wooden insect hotel to naturally maintain and boost the health of your outdoor plants!


Multi-Chambered Wooden Insect House - Wooden insect hotel - Ozayti

4 Nesting Chambers

Accommodate a wide variety of beneficial insects like bees, ladybugs, green lacewings, ground beetles and butterflies with this bug hotel. It has 4 rooms, and each is designed to provide insects with a safe space where they can lay eggs safely and/or enter an inactive phase during the colder months. Most insects typically seek shelter from harsh winter conditions so expect to see them start coming in around December. Then, they come back out in March or when the weather becomes warmer to search for food again.


Multi-Chambered Wooden Insect House - 4 Nesting Chambers - Ozayti

Stacked Logs, Dry Wood and Tunnels

This insect house contains bamboo canes that can attract pollinators like solitary bees, beetles, and butterflies. If you have a lot of flowering plants in your garden, it would be great to let these hard working pollinators take up residence in a bee house. This will help your plants reproduce whilst providing the insects with pollen and nectar to stay alive. The other chambers have dry wood, sawdust and tunnels for ladybirds and lacewings. Both insects typically prey on pests like aphids, whiteflies, leafhoppers and mealybugs. So, they essentially offer a natural way to keep plant damage from pests under control. To attract them, be sure to put dill, dandelion, coriander, and yellow fern-leaf inside the insect house.

Multi-Chambered Wooden Insect House - Wood and tunnels - Ozayti

Back Hook Design

Designed with you in mind, this insect nest has a sturdy hook in its back for easy installation. You can hang it flat off your fence, tree branch, or beam. Keep it 5 feet above the ground. It’s also best to hang it in a sunny area and near your garden where insects can have easy access to your flowering plants. If most of your resident insects are bees, consider placing the house in a south-facing spot near abundant sources of nectar.  

Multi-Chambered Wooden Insect House - Back hook design - Ozayti

Durable and Solid construction

Made from 100% solid wood, this bug abode is durable and strong. This means you’ll be able to give beneficial bugs a place to stay for years. The material has also been deburred to remove any sharp edges and unusual growths on it, which then gives the house a very smooth finish. This keeps the insects safe when they land on its surface.  

Multi-Chambered Wooden Insect House - Durable construction - Ozayti

Ideal for Bug Enthusiasts

Want to observe bugs closely? With this multi-chambered wooden insect house, you can offer beneficial bugs a space where they can reproduce and encourage biodiversity in your garden. You can watch a whole bug life cycle from your patio – for example, witness how eggs, caterpillars, chrysalis turn into beautiful butterflies. Over time, the diverse ecosystem in your garden will attract more beneficial insects, allowing you to discover more species.

Multi-Chambered Wooden Insect House - Ideal for bugs - Ozayti


  • Size: 10cm x 6cm x 26cm
  • Weight: 400g
  • Material: Solid wood
  • Internal fillers: Bamboo canes, sawdust/dry wood
Multi-Chambered Wooden Insect House - Dimensions - Ozayti


    • 1x Multi-Chambered Wooden Insect hotel
    Multi-Chambered Wooden Insect House - Included in the package - Ozayti

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