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Mosquito killer lamp


  • High-intensity UV bulb
  • Strong suction fan
  • Suitable for all USB port
  • Silent and Safe to use
  • Easy to clean

Trap and kill mosquitos instantly ! This mosquito killer lamp attracts, sucks, and controls insects without harmful chemicals.

Mosquito Killer Lamp Pest Insect Trap Fly Zapper LED Light Suction Fan - Ozayti

Effective Mosquito Control

The mosquito trap lamp has a bright UV LED that attracts insects, flies, and pests toward the light. Its NM wavelength is lethal to mosquitos but safe for humans and pets. Once these insects come near the light, the strong wind tunnel vortex sucks and traps bugs at the bottom. The powerful current takes the mosquitos into the tray where insects become dehydrated or tired. This mechanism prevents them from flying out.

LED Light Mosquito Killer Lamp - Effective Mosquito Control - Ozayti

USB Powered

This portable electric zapper is convenient to use anytime, anywhere. It easily works with any USB port device, including an adapter, power bank or computer. The easy operation makes this mosquito trap perfect for indoors and outdoors. Plug and use it on your bedroom, living area, garden or even bring it to picnics and camping.

LED Light Mosquito Killer Lamp - USB Powered - Ozayti

Safe and Secure

The device uses physical mosquito-killing methods without the use of sprays or chemicals. It has no radiation, noise, odour and toxicity, making it safe for pregnant women, children, adults, seniors, and pets. Durable outer layers and strong materials prevent fingers from touching the fan and grids.

LED Light Mosquito Killer Lamp - Safe and Secure - Ozayti

Easy to Clean

A removable structural design makes this insect control device easy to clean and maintain. The plastic tray at the bottom collects dead insects. After each use, simply rotate the tray counterclockwise and pull it downwards. Wash with water to remove bugs and wipe with a dry cloth after cleaning. It’s that quick and easy. You can return the tray to its original location afterwards.

LED Light Mosquito Killer Lamp - Easy to Clean - Ozayti

Silent Operation

Mosquito lamps are best used at night because insects are most active after 5:00 in the evening. This is the perfect time to turn on the insect trap. Put it in a dark place to best attract bugs. Don’t turn it off once it catches the mosquitoes. Let the fan run for a long time until the insects trapped inside are dehydrated or tired. With only 35db, this device is quiet. Keep it running in the background without worrying about disturbing your child and your family’s sleep. Even better, everyone will have a peaceful rest because this night lamp traps and kills mosquitos at night.

LED Light Mosquito Killer Lamp - Silent Operation - Ozayti

Technical characteristics :

  • Materials: LED and Plastic
  • Life: 60,000 hours
  • Size: 13cm x 13cm x 22.8cm
  • Rated Power: 5W
  • Cord Length: 108cm
LED Light Mosquito Killer Lamp - Dimensions - Ozayti

Included :

1 x Mosquito Killer Lamp

1 x USB Cable

LED Light Mosquito Killer Lamp - Package - Ozayti

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