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Instant language translator multilingual


  • Up to 40 languages
  • Instant translation
  • Vocal recognition
  • Compact and portable
  • Smart Bluetooth


Language Translator in Real Time | Language Translation Instant Voice Translator for Learning Travel - Ozayti

Instant translation

You are in a foreign country and need to speak with a local ? This portable translator works like a real interpreter. It has voice recognition, so just choose the language you want to translate, speak into the microphone and the version is translated in real time through the device’s audio output. Do the same for the other person to understand their response and start a conversation with a foreigner instantly.

Instant portable language translator - Instant translation - Ozayti

Multiple languages

The instant language translator offers a wide range of languages supported in up to 40 languages including English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese and many more. You will be able to travel all around the world and maintain conversation with local people anywhere.

Instant portable language translator - Multiple languages - Ozayti

Compact and portable

You can now leave your heavy dictionary at home when you go for a trip. Specially elaborated for travellers and professionals the voice translator is compact and lightweight. You can easily carry it in a pocket or a small bag when travelling for business or pleasure. Don’t get lost in a foreign country anymore and stay focus when you have a business meeting with this instant language translator.

Instant portable language translator - Compact and portable - Ozayti

Linguistic tool

This voice translator is a real language tool for students and professionals. In addition to voice recognition, it can also translate texts via your smartphone using a Bluetooth connection. Activate your phone bluetooth and link the translator, thus you can receive the written translation as a discussion on your phone.

Instant portable language translator - Linguistic tool - Ozayti

Rechargeable battery

The small pocket interpreter has a built-in rechargeable battery with long battery life so you can talk to a stranger at a moment’s notice. Up to 25 days standby time, 8 hours continuous use and a fast charge of only 2 hours. Recharge it easily to any device with USB port such as a computer, power bank battery and more.

Instant portable language translator - Rechargeable battery - Ozayti

Technical characteristics :

  • Material : Plastic and alloy
  • Colour : Black
  • Weight : 130g
  • Bluetooth : YES
  • Size : 12,5cm x 4cm
Instant portable language translator - Dimensions - Ozayti

Included :

1x Instant language translator

1x USB cable

1x Instruction manual

Instant portable language translator - Package - Ozayti

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