Exercise Massage Foam Roller

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Key Features:

  • Medium-density foam with molded edges
  • Three major functions
  • Muscle recovery, relaxation and massage stick
  • Suitable for beginners and athletes
  • Lightweight and portable

Treat your body to relaxing massage therapy at home with this foam exercise roller.

Exercise Massage Foam Roller - Multi purpose body relief roller - Ozayti

Relaxation Massage Tool

Made of dense EVA and ABS, the foam roller has molded edges and different massage zones that stimulate and support the body’s various parts. Raised surface mimics a massage therapist’s hand to target sore and tight muscles. Massage your back, neck, glutes, hamstring, and painful areas. Lay down at the end of a tiring day with the back roller and stretch overworked muscles. Follow the same process to your aching arms, legs, and feet to release stress from your body.

Exercise Massage Foam Roller - Relaxation massage tool - Ozayti

Three Major Functions

Find relief for soreness and muscle knots with this massage tool. It has three primary functions as a foam shaft, a yoga column, and a massage stick. The massage roller is great for self relaxation, muscle training recovery, yoga-assisted training, and core stability training.

Use before and after your workout as part of your warm-up and stretching routine. It helps improve performance and flexibility, increase blood flow, and treat muscle pain.

Exercise Massage Foam Roller - 3 majors functions for muscles - Ozayti

Comfortable to Use

The medium-density foam makes it comfortable and friendly for beginners while still offering the right amount of pressure to penetrate your muscles’ soft tissue layer. The exercise equipment works with your natural body weight to rehabilitate muscles. Several exercises might be executed with the massage foam roller and include them in your workout routine.

Exercise Massage Foam Roller - multiple exercise possibilities - Ozayti

Suitable for Athletes

Improve your performance and feel your best every day. This massage stick is suitable for fitness partners of athletes, runners, yoga and pilate students, swimmers, and people who make fitness a priority. The foam exercise roller is an essential item  for strengthening, yoga exercises, balance, and flexibility. Position and reposition it easily where required and as needed.

Exercise Massage Foam Roller - Suitable for athletes - Ozayti

Portable Foam Exercise Roller

The massage foam roller is lightweight, making it handy when bringing it to the gym, physical therapy, yoga studio, or traveling. It also comes in a variety of colours to suit your style, mood, and personality.

Exercise Massage Foam Roller - Lightweight and portable foam roller - Ozayti


  • Material; EVA and ABS
  • Colours: Black, Blue, Pink, and Purple
  • Size: 30 x 9.5 cm
Exercise Massage Foam Roller - Dimensions - Ozayti


  • 1 x Exercise Massage Foam Roller
Exercise Massage Foam Roller - Included in the package - Ozayti

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