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Banana Shaped Pet Bed


  • Banana shape
  • 3D modelling feature
  • Adjustable top flap
  • Easy to clean cotton
  • For cats and small dogs



Give your adorable pets a place they can call their own and stop them from sleeping on the hard floor with this cuddly banana shaped small pet bed.






Banana Shaped Small Pet Bed Banana Dog House Banana Cat Bed Pet Nest - Ozerty








Comfy Cave-like Design




This comfortable small pet bed may look like a banana on the outside, but it actually sports a cave-like design to make your pet feel like they’re in a shelter. Therefore, they will feel calm and collected when they’re hiding away from visitors or strange noises.
It also features an adjustable top flap, which you can keep wide open for better ventilation during summer or put down a bit to create a warm nest for your fur baby in winter.




Banana Shaped Pet Bed - Comfy Cave-like Design - Ozerty








Non-toxic & Breathable Fabric




Made from 100% cotton plush fabric, this banana small pet bed offers superior comfort to your pets. It can help enhance their sleep quality as the cotton fabric naturally allows their skin to breathe better than synthetic fibres. Thus, this cotton bed can keep them cool and dry in the summer and warm and cosy in the colder months. Cotton is also non-toxic to pets so it is safe to use and hypoallergenic.
The softness of cotton and padded bottom may provide some pain relief caused by lying on hard surfaces all day, helping your kitty or doggo sleep better at night.




Banana Shaped Pet Bed - Non-toxic & Breathable Fabric - Ozerty












This banana dog and cat bed feature a rigid construction to keep your pets tucked in all night. And thanks to its three-dimensional modelling design, it doesn’t lose its cute banana shape or collapse easily, even after repeated use.
Additionally, sometimes pets can get territorial over their bed like it’s their prized possession. They may even dig at it to mark their territory or move it around to “protect” it. But the good thing about this banana pet bed is that it will hold up just fine.




Banana Shaped Pet Bed - Non-deformable - Ozerty








Easy to Clean




Pet beddings are cute and all, but they do get smelly over time. For this banana-shaped small pet bed, spot cleaning is recommended. Vacuum all of the fur and dirt away before applying pet-friendly stain and odour removal treatment or any liquid cleaning agent.
For serious cleaning, be sure to read the wash instructions before placing the bed into a washing machine. You may be able to wash it on a gentle cycle, but do not tumble dry. Let it air dry instead.





Banana Shaped Pet Bed - Easy to Clean - Ozerty








Vaious Sizes Available




This banana cat bed isn’t only suitable for felines, but for small dog breeds as well. Both small and medium sizes can fit puppies or one adult pet that stands 10cm to 15cm and weighs anywhere between 1.5kg and 3.5kg.




Banana Shaped Pet Bed - Vaious Sizes Available - Ozerty








Technical characteristics :




  • Sizes: Small – Medium
  • Small size: 40cm x 15cm x 10cm
  • Medium size: 55cm x 20cm x 15cm
  • Material: 100% cotton, plush fabric
  • Weight load capacity: 1.5kg (small) to 2.7kg (medium)
  • Colour: Yellow


Banana Shaped Pet Bed - Dimensions - Ozerty








Included :




1x Banana Shaped Small Pet Bed









Banana Shaped Pet Bed - Package - Ozerty

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