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Baby Snuggle Bag



  • Keeps baby warm
  • Comfortable buttons
  • High-quality material
  • Multiple uses
  • Lightweight design



Keep your baby comfortable and warm with this cosy baby snuggle bag.






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Baby Snuggle Bag




Most of us would agree that there is probably no sweeter sight in the world than a peacefully sleeping baby. Provide your little one with warm, comfortable sleep as the wintertime is coming. Purchase this cosy baby snuggle bag and make your newborn sleep deeply in a pleasant environment. Made with the baby’s comfort and security in mind, this warm newborn sleeping bag will be a great companion for long autumn and winter evenings.




Baby snuggle bag - Baby Snuggle Bag -








Comfortable Buttons




One of the features of this snuggly newborn sleeping bag is a set of buttons. Not only do they look great and add flair to the whole item, but they also allow you to close the sleeping bag tightly to keep it snuggly. The buttons are made of non-toxic material and are safe for the baby. Their rounded edges are smooth to the touch so they won’t irritate your baby’s skin if touched or grabbed accidentally. They look nice and match the colour of the snuggle bag.




Baby snuggle bag - Comfortable Buttons -








High-quality Material




Made of prime-quality acrylic fibre and Berber fleece, this snuggle bag will give your baby a feeling of warmth inside. It’s designed to protect the little one against the external cold so that nothing disturbs a peaceful, restful sleep. The material is hypoallergenic and breathable.

Keep it clean by washing it with warm water and soap. Thanks to its good quality fabric, it will dry quickly and you’ll be able to use it again soon after washing it. It will be a comfortable accessory for your baby, and big enough to allow your baby to move and stretch during his or her sleep.




Baby snuggle bag - High-quality Material -








Multiple Uses




A cosy snuggle bag is not the only use you can give to this versatile accessory. Apart from wrapping your baby to keep the little one warm, you can unbutton it and use it as a regular blanket. It’s a great idea to use it as an arm warmer or carry it around for additional warmth.

Thanks to its lightweight design, you’ll be able to take it with you anywhere you go. Fold it and store it away when you don’t use it as it doesn’t take much space. It’s very convenient!




Baby snuggle bag - Multiple Uses -








Great Idea For a Gift




Are you expecting a baby and you’d like to get all the necessary accessories on time? Or maybe you’re looking for a cute gift idea for a grandson, nephew or your friends’ child? Whatever the occasion – Christmas, birthday, shower party or just a gesture of love, this adorable baby snuggle bag will be a great gift for the little one you love. Even if you live far away, you can easily send a gift by post as it doesn’t weigh much. Give as a gift what you know is high-quality and made with the baby’s comfort in mind.




Baby snuggle bag - Great Idea For a Gift -








Technical characteristics :




  • Item weight: 400 g
  • Size: 68 cm x 40 cm
  • Material: Acrylic + Berber fleece


Baby snuggle bag - Dimensions -








Included :




1 x Baby snuggle bag









Baby snuggle bag - Package -

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