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Auto water fountain for cat with LED light


  • Multiple purification
  • Ultra quiet
  • Blue LED function
  • Non-toxic
  • USB charging



Keep your cat hydrated and provide it with fresh, clean water with this auto water fountain with LED light and purification system.






Auto water fountain for cat with LED (Round model with led) -








Keep your cat hydrated




This auto water fountain is designed to provide your cat with fresh, clean water and to encourage it to drink more and stay hydrated. The fountain is compact, doesn’t take too much space but provides enough water even when you’re not home for longer periods. It has a capacity of 2l – which can be useful especially if you have several cats.
Gentle sound and movement of running water catches the cat’s attention and encourages it to drink frequently.




Auto water fountain for cat with LED light - Keep your cat hydrated -








Ultra quiet




The device works silently, the mute operation mode lets it do its work without disturbing anyone. Do you work from home and must answer video calls frequently without background noise? Would you like to have the fountain turned on at night but without disturbing your sleep? Good news – this automatic water dispenser is perfect for you. You won’t hear it work at all.




Auto water fountain for cat with LED light - Ultra quiet -








Purification systems




Not only the quantity but also the quality of water matters for your cat’s health. Take care of your pet providing water from this automatic dispenser and take advantage of its high-efficiency filtration system.
The built-in multiple circulation purification systems clean and soften water removing hair, sediment, and other impurities so that your cat can always enjoy fresh and clean water. You may also want to know it’s really easy to disassemble and clean.




Auto water fountain for cat with LED light - Purification systems -












Provide your cat the best care by getting this dispenser made of high-quality ABS and PP material – durable, resistant to damage, frictions, and cracking. It has food grade non-toxic material so you can be sure it’s perfectly safe for your pet. Moreover, it’s tasteless. A very important factor if it comes to water dispensing devices.




Auto water fountain for cat with LED light - Non-toxic -








Blue LED light




Enjoy the modern design of this cat water dispenser equipped with blue LED light function – it’s a great decorative element, you can put it in your kitchen, room, or bedroom’s floor. It can be a source of soft light in the room during night hours and you can be sure your cat will always find its way to its drinking water.




Auto water fountain for cat with LED light - Blue LED light -








Technical characteristics :




  • Size: approx. 20cm x 20cm x 24cm
  • Capacity: 2l
  • Charging: USB
  • Lighting: LED blue light
  • Material: ABS+PP+cotton filter
  • Shape: Round


Auto water fountain for cat with LED light - Dimensions -








Included :




1 x Water dispenser

1 x USB water pump

1 x Cotton filter







Auto water fountain for cat with LED light - Package -

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