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7.5m Premium Expandable Garden Hose


  • 3x Expandable hose
  • 8 spray settings
  • Collapsible
  • Cold-resistant
  • Strong water pressure

Hit every spot when watering your garden, cleaning your patio and washing vehicles with this 7.5m premium expandable garden hose.

7.5m Premium Expandable Garden Hose 7,5 to 23m Durable Hose Pipe Flexible Garden Hose - Ozayti

Extendable Design

This flexible garden hose extends 3 times of its 2.5m original length when filled with water. When fully stretched up to 7,5m, you will be able to cover one or two outdoor areas with a single hose like your lawn, flower beds, and walkways. Thus, this hose can be a more affordable way to water your plants regularly.

7.5m Premium Expandable Garden Hose - Extendable Design - Ozayti

Ergonomic Water Gun

The water gun spray nozzle features a contoured handle for soft grip and trigger with lock mechanism for reduced hand strain and fatigue. It also has an adjustable valve so you can adjust the intensity of the water flow depending on which area you are cleaning or what kind of plant you’re watering. For instance, turn the swivel knob to “high” for maximum water pressure possible when you’re washing down dirt or loose paint on your vehicles, as well as removing debris from outdoor furniture.

7.5m Premium Expandable Garden Hose - Ergonomic Water Gun - Ozayti

Rotating Spray Mode Selector

Reach every corner of your garden with this extendable hose. It has a rotating spray mode selector with 8 different spray settings – shower, mist, cone, soaker, full, centre, jet, and flat. Simply get in position and choose the right spray mode for your target plants. For example, shower mode is best for most beds and plants. For stronger water flow, choose full. Flat is for edging plants and cone for spraying a ring of plants at once. Meanwhile, soak is ideal for plant pots that need to get a good soaking, whereas mist is ideal for orchids that need humidity. Lastly, select jet mode to wash away dirt from your patio and walkways.

7.5m Premium Expandable Garden Hose - Rotating Spray Mode Selector - Ozayti

Lightweight and Collapsible

Tired of carrying around a heavy, less flexible hose? Switch to this hose pipe that is made with soft material and heavy-duty TPE fabric materials for excellent portability and durability. It also quickly retracts to its original size once water is drained, allowing you to collapse it into a smaller size and store away in a limited space. Moreover, it has a triple layer synthetic latex core that never leaks, tangles, or twists into a pretzel like other hoses do.

7.5m Premium Expandable Garden Hose - Lightweight and Collapsible - Ozayti


Winter is especially bad for many garden hoses, except for this premium garden hose. It is designed to withstand exposure to the elements like sun, rain, and snow, thanks to its highly durable TPE layers and solid brass connectors. The inner tube in particular is made from cold-resistant materials to prevent the hose from bursting in winter.

7.5m Premium Expandable Garden Hose - Weather-Resistant - Ozayti

Technical characteristics :

  • Length (unused): 2.5m
  • Length (fully stretched): 7,5m
  • Hose connectors diameter: 2.8cm, 2cm
  • Material (hose): TPE + Polyester fabric
  • Material (connectors): Solid brass
7.5m Premium Expandable Garden Hose - Dimensions - Ozayti

Included :

1x 7.5m Premium Expandable Garden Hose

1x Gun spray nozzle

2x Hose connectors

7.5m Premium Expandable Garden Hose - Package - Ozayti

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