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4 Head LED Indoor Grow Light


  • 3 lighting types and colours
  • Automatic off timer
  • 5 dimmable luminance options
  • IP66 waterproof
  • 360-degree gooseneck adjustment

Grow beautiful flowers and crops inside your apartment with the 4 head LED indoor grow lamp with red and blue lights and automatic controls.

4 LED Full Spectrum Indoor Grow Light | Phytolamp | Growing Bulb - Ozayti

Full Spectrum Indoor Light for Plants

Plants add beauty to indoor spaces, but they also need the right spectrum of light to survive. With this indoor LED grow light, you can raise a thriving mini vegetable or flower garden inside your apartment. The full spectrum lamp provides the right combination of blue light and red light for optimum plant growth. Blue light influences the formation of chlorophyll for healthier stems and leaves. On the other hand, red light is essential for early seedling development and germination. The USB LED grow light has 54 pieces of light, specifically 36 red and 18 blue, with 3 lighting options. The red and blue switch makes it easy to shift between only red, only blue, and a combination of the two. 5 dimmable luminance options suit each stage of plant growth from seedling to fruit-bearing. With a 460nm~622nm wavelength range, this LED grow light can meet all types of plants’ needs.

4-Head LED USB Indoor Grow Light - Full Spectrum Indoor Light for Plants - Ozayti

Automatic On/Off Timer

Do you always forget to switch your grow light lamp strips? With the automatic double timer, you only need to set the timer once, and the device will take care of everything. The complete spectrum plant grow light has three timer modes: 4 hours, 8 hours, and 12 hours. This prevents excessive or insufficient lighting. You can adjust the lighting hours and intervals suitable for the needs of your plants. Now you get to enjoy an efficient method that saves you time and lets you enjoy your beautiful indoor garden!

4-Head LED USB Indoor Grow Light - Automatic On/Off Timer - Ozayti

Waterproof and Durable Construction

Made of aluminum and PVC, this plant growth light is durable and lightweight with good heat dissipation. The exterior is IP66 waterproof, so you can leave the lamp on while watering the plants. With a strong metal clamp, this phytolamp is easy to install on any surface with a thickness of 7.6 cm. The clip offers a reliable grip for long time use. A 360-degree gooseneck makes it convenient to adjust the 4 LED lamp heads to any lighting direction or area. This indoor gardening tool also has multiple certifications, including CE, ROHS, FCC, and PSE. When continually used, the LED light has a tested lifespan of 50,000 hours.

4-Head LED USB Indoor Grow Light - Waterproof and Durable Construction - Ozayti

Low Energy Consumption

The LED plant light is eco-sustainable and has a low power consumption. It has a power of 27W maximum, an input voltage of 5V, and an input current of 2A. Because LED lights run cooler than other plant lamps, growers have greater control of the environment temperature and the plant’s exposure to heat. LEDs have a working temperature of 20 to 40 degrees, with self-regulated cooling.

4-Head LED USB Indoor Grow Light - Low Energy Consumption - Ozayti

Easy to Install

The USB grow lamp light is intuitive even for beginners. To start, connect the adapter to the device and plug it into your nearest power sore. The tube is convenient and flexible. Growers and gardeners can adjust the product to optimal distance and lighting direction as required. Clip it to any surface or place it in the middle of your plant. The included control panels have different buttons to adjust timing, interval, light color, brightness, and other essential functions con simple adjustments.

4-Head LED USB Indoor Grow Light - Easy to Install - Ozayti

Technical characteristics :

  • Material: Aluminum and PVC
  • LED Quantity: 54 pieces (36 red and 18 blue)
  • Power: 27 W maximum
  • Lighting range: 2-3 square meters
  • Certification: CE ROHS FCC PSE
4-Head LED USB Indoor Grow Light - Dimensions - Ozayti

Included :

1 x 4-Head LED Grow Light

1 x USB Charger

1 x User Manual

4-Head LED USB Indoor Grow Light - Package - Ozayti

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