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3 in 1 portable mini air conditioner


  • Fast cooling
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Quiet Operation
  • Low power consumption
  • Replaceable filter


3 in 1 Mini Portable Air Conditioner | Humidifier Air Purifier - Ozayti

Simple use

The small portable air conditioner works with an internal cooling system to convert the hot air from outside into cool air with its built-in air filter and fan.

Fill the tank with cold and / or ice water, plug the unit in via the USB cable provided and choose the fan speed. A few minutes are enough to cool your environment. It will produce cool air for up to 8 hours with a full charge of the cold water tank.

3 in 1 mini portable air conditioner - Simple use - Ozayti

Lightweight and portable

This 3 in 1 air conditioner is designed for mobile use and easy to carry, you can move it with ease from one room to another in your home, in your garden, on a terrace, balcony or take it with you when you travel, camping, at the beach …

3 in 1 mini portable air conditioner - Lightweight and portable - Ozayti

3 in 1 Function

Although this small air conditioner is designed to cool the air in the room and provide more freshness during hot periods, it also works as a humidifier and air purifier. You can therefore use it all year round to renew the air in your home, especially in winter.

3 in 1 mini portable air conditioner - 3 in 1 Function - Ozayti

Design and led lighting

This mini portable air conditioner is designed with style and elegance to be an integral part of your interior decoration. In addition, it has an LED light that can be adjusted to 7 different colours to suit your taste.

3 in 1 mini portable air conditioner - Design and led lighting - Ozayti

Quiet and economical

Unlike conventional air conditioners that require a lot of energy and make a lot of noise, the 3-in-1 mini air conditioner isĀ quiet when it’s running, with only 25db on the low fan speed. In addition, it consumes little electricity, equivalent to a TV on standby or charging your smartphone.

3 in 1 mini portable air conditioner - Quiet and economical - Ozayti

Technical characteristics :

  • Material: ABS high density plastic
  • Weight : 860g
  • Power supply: USB
  • Tank capacity: 400ml
  • LED: 7 colour changing
  • Colour: White and grey
  • Dimensions: 14.5cm x 17cm x 16cm

Included :

1x 3 in 1 portable mini air conditioner

1x Filter

1x USB cable

3 in 1 mini portable air conditioner - Package - Ozayti

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